Vietnam Is Trying Traditional Quan Ho Singing


If you come to Northern provinces of Vietnam like Bac Ninh or Bac Giang at their festival times, you would encounter quan liêu ho singing – a Vietnamese folk music style characterized by alternating groups of female và male singers issuing musical challenges and responses. It is proudly that quan lại ho singing was recognized as the Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO in 2009.

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Originated from Bac Ninh province in about century 13th, quan ho firstly occurred khổng lồ satisfy the singing hobbies of famers there, like a kind cultural activity at which people in bắc ninh and some other areas nearby gathered, shared their passions, with their fascinating voices. Lớn begin the song, a pair of female singers will sing their challenge phrase (câu ra), and then a pair of male singers will respond by selecting & singing a “matching phrase” (câu đối), which must repeat the melody of the challenge phrase. Once they are finished, the order is reversed, & the men will issue their own challenge phrase with a different melody. Surprisingly that in the past, quan tiền ho singing was unaccompanied by music. However, nowadays, the singers are accompanied by instruments, whether traditional Vietnamese instruments or modern ones such as electric keyboards & make their songs more attractive và interesting lớn the listeners. One of the most chất lượng features of quan lại ho in the past that might not be seen in quan lại ho today that once becoming quan lại ho singers, some couples of them were believed lớn be born for singing quan ho with each other ever after. That is the fate of quan liêu ho singers.

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Bac Ninh province is still the homeland as well as the most development of quan liêu ho. Many new enthusiastic singers continue to develop quan ho together with their elder singers. They gather in clubs, exchange their knowledge & Quan ho rhythm, as well as train other younger generation how to lớn perfectly sing quan lại Ho songs. But more importantly, they spread the spirit of original quan liêu ho lớn their descendants, with the hope to lớn see traditional quan ho return in foreseeable future. The Viem Xa hamlet in Hoa Long commune, Bac Ninh city is considered as the father land of traditional Bac Ninh singing.

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Quan ho today is performed everywhere and every time, not only in special occasions lượt thích before. Travelers to thành phố bắc ninh only need to lớn pay small amount of money they can have some quan lại ho singers sing for them. People in other regions, maybe other countries can also listen khổng lồ Quan ho via recorded CD or on the mạng internet anytime và anywhere they like. There are a huge number of quan ho melodies, with thousands of different songs having been recorded. There is also famous film about quan tiền ho singing named “Den hen lai len” telling about the love story of quan lại ho singers in Bac Ninh during the war time before 1945.