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Among the many works of the Japanese anime industry known as “COOL JAPAN,” one of the titles that often stand out as popular outside of japan is “Detective Conan.” Not only is the original manga work famous, but the animated show & the series of movies, now counting over 20 films, makes this one title very well known. In our last article we introduced the “Detective Conan - Male Character Popularity Investigation (6825 Total Votes)” and revealed the results of the characters that ranked from 6th khổng lồ 4th place. This time we will announce who took the ranks from 3rd place to lớn 1st!

6th place to lớn 4th place results can be viewed here.Bạn đã xem: Subaru là ai

3rd Place: Phantom Thief Kid (776 Votes) 

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Bạn đang xem: Subaru là ai



Not only has this guy become a very regular character in the TV show but he also makes frequent appearances in the movie series as well. That guy is none other than the great Phantom Thief Kid, who also plays the role of Conan’s rival, but in a very different way from that of Heiji. As the famed Phantom Thief, he essentially appears to lớn get in the way of Conan as an enemy, however due to whatever reasons he ultimately ends up cooperating in the investigations and often ends up being an ally lớn Conan. 

This character is chất lượng in that he was originally the main protagonist for a manga titled “Magic Kaito” which was created even before the “Detective Conan” series. At first, he was just showing up as a cameo, but now he’s become such a recognized semi-regular character in the series that he’s most likely known more for his role in the Detective Conan series.



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This man và his signature knitted cap originally showed up shrouded in mystery, but later was revealed to lớn an FBI government agent. That character was Shuichi Akai. However, the moment when it was revealed that he was indeed not an enemy, he was killed off by the hands of the đen Organization... Or, so we thought. Turns out that was just a ploy to mislead us. Later it is established that he was laying low và hiding his identity & going by the name of Subaru Okiya. 

The truth about Subaru Okiya being Shuichi Akai was actually first revealed through the movies. In the 18th movie, released in 2014 titled “Detective Conan: Dimensional Sniper,” this truth which had not even been shown in the original manga yet was shown as a surprise lớn the theatrical audience.



Having said that, the first movie appearance of Shuichi Akai as himself rather than his alter ego Subaru Okiya wasn’t until the 20th movie in 2016, “Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare.” In this film, he thoroughly plays his part as his real character. While he keeps cool normally, this movie is packed with his kích hoạt scenes that you can enjoy.

1st Place: Tooru Amuro (1864 Votes)


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Tooru Amuro became a huge topic of conversation, winning the 31st Shogakukan DIME Trend Award for Best Character. He’s a private detective, but also a thành viên of the black Organization, & even has a third face as a public safety police officer. Being able to skillfully use all of his identities, he has a connection with Shuichi Akai và also is one khổng lồ actually show some raw emotion at times. 

The origins of Tooru Amuro becoming the social phenomenon that he has become is thanks to lớn the Detective Conan movies. In the 22nd movie “Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer” released in 2018, the story had Tooru Amuro as a key character for the plot, & his popularity really brought in the results: the movie had becoming the highest-selling film in the series, greatly breaking the previous sales records. He’s still a character full of mystery, & in this piece, there is a part where Conan asks if Tooru himself has a person of romantic interest or not. The splendid thing about this movie is that the answer khổng lồ that question is firmly given by Tooru Amuro. How will Conan react to lớn his answer? That is something khổng lồ keep close in mind as well.

Popularity Ranking Extras

Wondering which other characters ranked with the 6825 votes? Among them include the public safety officer “Yuya Kazami” at 326 votes, “Jinpei Matsuda” at 226 votes, who was of the same police academy class as Tooru Amuro. High school detective who returned from London “Saguru Hakuba” at 129 votes, “Gin” of the đen Organization management at 120 votes and many other characters were voted on.

Original article: Detective Conan Popularity Poll Results! Who Will Take First Place? Announcing the Rankings và Trivia

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