North Shore Place Names: Kahuku To Kaena is for teams who want to deliver advanced analytics using the latest techniques at big data scale.

Spend more time on high-impact AI projects Use the same languages and tools you already know & love with additional efficiency.Speed through tedious work and automate repetitive tasks to focus on high impact projects.Get buy-in from all stakeholders by sharing your mã sản phẩm insights visually, in a single click.Deploy và monitor data science projects without relying on other teams. Learn More
The power of AI + your business expertise = unlimited opportunity Generate deeper intelligence faster from seamless data access, smart data preparation and repeatable, transparent data transformation.Uplevel your machine learning skills và experiment with AutoML.Effectively communicate insights with dashboards & customizable apps.Collaborate with technical gurus lớn bring your business insights to lớn life. Learn More
Leverage the power of AI in every business decision for transformative impact Respond quickly to rapidly changing market conditions with the nguồn of AI in the hands of everyone regardless of technical expertise.All-in-one data science platform seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure to lower overall costs without compromising security.Full transparency & governance for confidence in every business decision and stress-free audits. Learn More

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Tackle thousands of use cases with Get started & deliver value immediately with a catalog of pre-built solutions.

The AI Maturity Survey

Answer 13 questions lớn get scored along the six drivers behind AI maturity — vision, data, system, talent, governance, & value — và get personalized recommendations khổng lồ take your business to the next level.

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TechCrunch x NXP

In this TechCrunch webinar, hear from và NXP on how they"re building a data organization that performs while also elevating the individual.


Watch the sản phẩm Days On Demand

Watch all the talks from the December hàng hóa Days; learn about best practices and the latest features for responsible AI, scaling operations with MLOps, & AI governance & regulatory compliance.


Rabobank"s Data Journey, Revealed

In the past year và a half, Rabobank has completed more than 100 AI projects và has reduced time to onboard data team members — in particular data scientists — from months to weeks.

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Introducing Online

The fully managed data science and machine learning platform for your team to create AI & analytics insights — built for the modern cloud data stack.


Watch a test of

Dive in to lớn a real-life data project built in khổng lồ see all the features of the platform - from data ingestion khổng lồ deployment in production - in less than 15 minutes.

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Unleashing Everyday AI announced $400M in Series E investment led by Tiger Global, with participation from several existing investors (including ICONIQ Growth, CapitalG, FirstMark Capital, Battery Ventures, Snowflake Ventures, & Dawn Capital) as well as new investors."S INVESTORS Named a LEADER 2 Years Running

The 2020 và 2021 Magic Quadrant for Data Science & ML Platforms